CardSwipe Integration

  • CardSwipe is programmed to work with iMag Pro magnetic stripe reader from ID Tech. They can be purchased from various sites. You want ID Tech PN: ID-80097004-001
  • CardSwipe Script Protocol is: ccqfm://?
  • Add the string you want returned above protocol. Card Swipe will append the data from the mag stripe to the end of what your string. Replace any spaces with %20.
  • Using the FMP7Script protocol
  • CardSwipe will return the swipe data at the end of your url string.
  • For a local database named Invoice.fp7 (.fp7 is optional) and a script named Process Scan your call would look like this:
  • Card Swipe will return the mag stripe data as a script parameter.
  • You can add parameters and variables ccqfm://?fmp7script://~/Invoice?script=Process%20Payment&param=123&$CCData=
  • This will created a variable $CCData that will contain the mag stripe data.
  • The ellipse ~ character prior to the database name indicates that it is a local database if the database is hosted then the IP address should be sent instead of the ellipse. ccqfm://?fmp7script://$CCData=
Additional instructions for FileMaker GO 11 available here (See Opening files using the FMP7Script protocol)

Additional instructions for FileMaker GO 12 available here

You can download our integration guide here

Please refer to you applications documentation for further information.